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Connecting local and global communities

Do you contribute to the wider world?

 Willingly or not, we are inevitably involved in a network of relationships and connections with the rest of the world. At the same time, as Scouts and Guides, we are part of a worldwide movement shaped by people from different cultures and with different identities. Being aware of and open to these relationships at the unit level is the first step towards being able to use them for the benefit of society, both in our neighbourhood and in the world.


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Global Compass is a tool that helps evaluate actions, programmes, and behaviour in scouting and guiding. It offers guidance to units seeking to become more globally responsible.


How do you engage scouts and guides with global issues, and motivate them to explore their relationship with and responsibilities towards others?


Consumption and Finance

What criteria do you take into account when looking for goods, food, property or services?


Way of communication and behavior within the scout & guide group

How do you communicate and interact within your scout unit?


Participation on the life of the scout and guide group

How do you provide each member of the scout unit with the opportunity to take part in planning and evaluating activities?


How does it work?

The unit’s council uses the Compass for reflection and to plan certain aspects of the life of the unit.

In your unit’s council, discuss and answer the opening question from the area chosen.

Evaluate your situation for each sub-question within the area.

Get inspiration for change and plan your next steps.

Next time, choose another area or reevaluate the same one.

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