Connecting local and global communities

What kind of activities does your unit do to benefit the local and global community?

 Willingly or not, we are inevitably involved in a network of relationships and connections with the rest of the world. At the same time, as Scouts and Guides, we are part of a worldwide movement shaped by people from different cultures and with different identities. Being aware of and open to these relationships at the unit level is the first step towards being able to use them for the benefit of society, both in our neighbourhood and in the world.


Discuss the questions and evaluate your unit: name what you already do, evaluate it on the scale 1-6 (1=just by accident, 6=systematicaly and frequently). Based on your answers, Navigator will offer you some tips on how to improve.

Print the form to work off-line with your unit.

These tasks are awaiting you

  • Beneficial events

    Involve members of your unit in a beneficial event in your municipality as volunteers/or organize it yourselves.

  • Support a global campaign

    Get inspired by international organizations like Amnesty International, SumofUs, or Avaaz - the world in action. Choose a topic you are interested in and learn about it. Support a global campaign by collecting signatures for petitions, writing letters, etc.

  • Play Tomato game

    Play a “Tomato game” with your fellow scouts/guides. Draw tomato in a middle of the big paper and then try to write/draw down as much associations with lines of connections as possible. Important thing that you must not miss is a discussion about the links while writing/drawing objects/things/connections. Raise awareness about interconnectedness of everything. You can replace tomato with something else.

  • Celebrate World Fair Trade day

    Organize an event to support farmers on Fair Trade Day. Everyone can brings some cake, cookies or any other food prepared using fairtrade or local stuff and spend nice day together with people from neighbourhood. Ten-step event guide for World Fair Trade Day.