For scout and guide units that think globally

Global Navigator can best be used by unit councils who want to consider the global impact of everyday unit operation and to make use of the inner processes of the unit to make its members better global citizens.

Global Navigator works as a self-evaluation tool for the unit. It evaluates 5 areas in the life of the scout unit. Each area is introduced with a key question, followed by sub-questions. The purpose of these sub-questions is to provoke in-depth discussion within the unit council about what the unit is doing in this particular area. Based on this discussion, unit leaders use the scale provided to self-evaluate the unit’s level of responsible behaviour or actions. Sub-questions also help to structure consideration of what the unit can do to become more responsible in a particular area.

After self-evaluation in one area, Global Navigator suggests tasks leading towards further development. The idea is to use the Navigator in stages (not all areas at once) in order to improve processes. Units are therefore invited to return to the tool for self-evaluation in a different area, or even to re-evaluation themselves in the same area after some time. Global Navigator preserves  a record of the progress made and of the unit’s experience of the tasks undertaken.