How do you engage scouts and guides with global issues, and motivate them to explore their relationship with and responsibilities towards others?

If we help children understand the relationships that connect us to people and places in other parts of the planet, they will learn that their decisions have impact at various locations around the world. With these specific programs, we can contribute to Scouts’ efforts to encourage inclusive, fair, and non-violent coexistence with the rest of the world, including nature, whose resources are limited.

Discuss the questions and evaluate your unit: name what you already do, evaluate it on the scale 1-6 (1=just by accident, 6=systematicaly and frequently). Based on your answers, Navigator will offer you some tips on how to improve.

Print the form to work off-line with your unit.

These tasks are awaiting you

  • Statistics: people in the world

    Create an interactive game about the diversity of the World’s population from the statistics. You can connect this to human rights.

  • Women as heroine

    Use legends and stories with female heroines who make their own choices and don’t rely on men eg.: movies made by Haia Miazakiho – princess Mononoke, Naušika, Čihiro; Gerda from Snow Queen by H. CH. Anderson, Giny from Harry Potter, Momo by Michael Ende, legend about Mulan etc.

  • Wheelchair

    Choose a person in a wheelchair or a blind person as the the guide through the story of long-time game.

  • Native speaker

    Where it fits the topic of a game, ask for help with guiding a game someone (native speaker from other country) who doesn’t speak the same language as members of the scout/guide group. They experience the challenges to communicate with him/her by other language.