Way of communication and behavior within the scout & guide group

How do you communicate and interact within your scout unit?

The form of communication that children see becomes their model of how people in the world interact, and influences how they will communicate as adults and what kind of world they are going to create. Explore what kind of pattern are you creating for them in your unit.

Discuss the questions and evaluate your unit: name what you already do, evaluate it on the scale 1-6 (1=just by accident, 6=systematicaly and frequently). Based on your answers, Navigator will offer you some tips on how to improve.

Print the form to work off-line with your unit.

These tasks are awaiting you

  • Listening and speaking with respect

    Observe your meetings and focus on these questions: Do you give everybody the same attention? Do you listen with respect? Who speaks a lot and who is silent? Who is often interrupted? During discussions, do you give everybody the same opportunity to talk? For one of your meetings, you can ask a member of the unit to be an observer and to give a feedback to the group at the end of the discussion.

  • Non-violent communication

    Carry out a workshop focused on non-violent communication, or invite an expert to do it.

  • Rules to be followed

    As a group, create common discussion rules that all of you will try to follow.  You can have them displayed on the wall, so that each member of the group can see them and take responsibility for them. Clarify whatthe consequences of not respecting the rules are. Agree together on what to do if the rules are not respected.

  • Revise the rules

    Each half-year, discuss whether the rules need to be revised. If so, change them. If a rule is not respected, have this discussion: Do we still need this rule? Why are rule-breakers not respecting the rule? What important need is behind the rule-breaking? Find a new rule which would take in acount the original need and the current needs of the rule-breakers. Some of the rules might not be needed anymore.