Participation on the life of the scout and guide group

How do you provide each member of the scout unit with the opportunity to take part in planning and evaluating activities?

How your unit decides things creates, for children, a model of how the world works. Explore whether the mechanisms of your unit are shaping a world that works for everyone, a world where everyone is involved and has responsibility.

Discuss the questions and evaluate your unit: name what you already do, evaluate it on the scale 1-6 (1=just by accident, 6=systematicaly and frequently). Based on your answers, Navigator will offer you some tips on how to improve.

Print the form to work off-line with your unit.

These tasks are awaiting you

  • International action days

    Join a the World and international days from Human Rights Calender and together with your unit prepare an event with a global dimension. 

  • Ways of influencing activities

    Ask yourself whether your kids know how they can influence the group’s activities, e.g. voting for the activities, planning the year and so on

  • Tell the story to a younger member

    Teach your members to explain to a younger scout how your scout group and unit operates, what the decision-making process is, and how he/she can be involved and strengthen it. Make it part of the system for introducing newcomers.

  • Patrol system enhanced

      Everyone in the patrol has his/her own responsibility, to be carried out at a specified time, for the task  selected (notice-board, cash register, chronicle).